Coloured Pastel Portrait Drawing - With Process

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Hi everyone, sharing with you today a recent coloured pastel portrait and its process. I don't usually use pastels so it was a nice change of medium and unique final piece.

I started with a quick sketch with my pencil to capture the basic form.

I then started adding pastels where it felt right. I aimed for analogous colours on the colour wheel for harmony so oranges, reds and yellows. I used a paintbrush to blend the tones a little more.

The final step involved adding more definite strokes with darker pastels to further emphasize the form of the head and any finishing touches.
Pastel Portrait: Completed on A5 paper with coloured pastels.

Hope you enjoyed this quick pastel piece!



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 2 months ago 

This work brightened up with pastels, I think for better contrast you perhaps should try white pastel for highlights. Also using coloured pastel paper, the dark background makes effect of contrast really good.

Thanks for the advice, I think I'll try that next time. :)

Para no usar colores paseles te quedo muy bien.

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