Expressive Pastel Portrait of a Young Woman - Process

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Hi everyone, today I would like to share a recent pastel portrait drawing of a young woman and the process that went into creating it.

I begin with a few lines with orange pastel to mark out the basic proportions. While accuracy is important the details at this stage are not as important. For the skin tone I will mainly use orange and yellow


I then start to add details and make sure the proportions are still accurate.

I will use a brush to blend the tones together and use hints of complementary colours if I feel the colours are too strong. That means hints of blue in the face if the orange comes across too strong. I will also use some brown pastel for the darker tones in the face. For the hair I used hints of greens, blues and darker tones.

Final result....

Completed on A5 paper with coloured pastels.

Reference Image used

Thanks for checking my art work and for all of your support!

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Amazing drawing @iansart. Thanks for sharing. 💜🎨

 25 days ago 

Beautiful drawing my friend. Greetings, a beautiful woman!

와 그림이 리얼한 매력을 지니고 있네요


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wow what a beautiful art work, looks so real. thanks @insart for sharing.
stay safe brother