Farmer Enjoying the View - Digital Painting With Process Photos

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Hi everyone, I'm back now after some time off posting. I have been working on some digital work after I finally got the pen pressure sensitivity working again on my tablet and would like to share this piece and the process with you today.

The Process

I start with the very basic base colours for the piece.

I then paint the black and white tones of the piece as you can see in the image below. I used some brushes to get the texture of the mountains, grass and the ripples in the water. As the mountains get further away I make them lighter in color.

I use a multiply setting on the layer so that it merges with the color layer below like this

I then paint the base colours for a house in the fore ground to make the composition a little more interesting.

I apply the same method to the house aswell. I also an overlay layer with a light yellow color to paint some highlights where the sun touches the house and the mountains.

Create the base colors for this farmer figure.

To finish the piece I add shading and highlights to him as I did with the other parts of the painting and then paint small details such as the birds in the sky.

Finished Piece...


I am currently working on my concept art skills and want to practice painting from imagination and using references. This one was done from imagination over several hours.

Thank you for checking out the post and all your support :)


 6 months ago 

Interesting technique. Great result

World of Xpilar Community Moderator

Thanks :)

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Hi Ian, that is great to start experimenting with digital tools, I also thought about that but found it quite difficult and did not have much patience, maybe later on will try again.

I like that scene, mountains and meadow with river look very well, reminds me South of Germany :)

Hi Stef, having the pressure sensitivity with the tablet and various layers I find makes it much easier to draw. I think if you have good foundations in drawing and painting it will easily be transferable for digital works.

Glad you liked the piece! :)