Gorilla Digital Painting Process

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Hi everyone! Today I am sharing a recent experimental digital painting of a gorilla. I wanted to explore different hues to create this finished result...


I first began with a quick sketch to layout the proportions before colour is added. This stage is important however, easy to rectify in this particular case later on when I add colours. This sketch should not be visible in the final piece.
gorilla sketch.jpg

I then add the colours with a very large brush at this stage. I am exploring the analogous colours on the colour wheel (purple, blue and cyan) with a hint of the orange as a complementary colour. The values of these colors must be correct but the hue is less important. Therefore, there were times when I made the painting black and white and the painting still worked as the values were chosen correctly.

The final stage involved using a smaller brush to create the smaller details and the smudge tool to blur some lines and create the impressionistic feel to it. I think detail is important especially around the eyes which are the intended focal point but you do not need too much. The highlights in the eyes were small addition but made a huge difference.
Completed with a Wacom graphics tablet.

Thanks for checking out this post and all of your support!



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