Intensity - Portrait Pencil Drawing Process

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Hi all, today I would like to share a recent portrait drawing done in mechanical pencil and the process that went into creating it. The work of Jean Baptiste Greuze is the original master portrait artist that this drawing is inspired from. I found it interesting the way he captures the contours of the face in his work with a few sharp lines and I wanted to practice doing the same in my work.

Original Reference Drawing






Completed on A5 paper with mechanical and soft pencils.

Using mechanical pencils allowed be to add the finer details however I then used a 6B pencil for the much darker tones in the face to capture depth. He has quite an interesting style which I may use more in future.

Thanks for checking out my work and your support is appreciated :)



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Thanks :)

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Awesome drawing. I love the movement of those lines.

Thanks mate :)

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