Pastel Drawing of a Young Man

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Sharing with you today a chalk pastel drawing based on the master drawings Jean-François de Neufforge. The portrait of the young man reminds me of the side profile of Julias Ceaser.

This is the final result...

Head of a young man à l'antique. Jean-François de Neufforge

The process





The drawing is composed of red chalk with some brown chalk for the darker tones and hints of black for some definition in the details with the darkest tones. I blended some of tones in the faces slightly while leaving the chalk lines in some other areas. I like the overall effect of leaving some parts of the head unfinished. It took about 1-2 hours to complete on A5 paper.

Thanks for stopping by and for those that continue to support my work. :)


Well Done!

Pastel Chalk is a difficult median to work with. Its so messy. lol. I like the texture you created with your work compared to the more smooth graphite look of the original. Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing the process... I need to do that more often with my artwork as well.


Check out my TATTOO STEEMIT community as I think you could expand some of your art there, I see some of your work has a tattoo feel to it. Thanks!

Thanks man, yeah chalk pastels can get annoyingly messy to work with and it's always a good idea to share some of your process with everyone! I admire a lot of the art tattoo artists produce too.

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