Pastel Portrait of a Young Girl - Drawing Process

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Hi all, sharing with you today another pastel portrait this time of a young woman inspired from the renaissance artist François Boucher. It was important to be quite delicate when drawing this piece so that the drawing reflects the sitter. Not many colours or sharp lines were needed in this piece and there is a certain beauty in simplicity.

Final Piece

IMG_20210310_132516591 (1)1.jpg


After a quick sketch I cover the paper in a brownish pastel spread with a paintbrush and work on further details in the face with pencil. I can then use a rubber or a white pastel to add the highlights in the face.

A few more finishing touches.


IMG_20210310_132516591 (1).jpg

This is the reference drawing I was drawn to by the way it captured her expression in a few simple lines with masterful technique.

Head of a Young Girl, by François Boucher

Thanks for stopping by and for all of your support! I plan on doing a few more of these pastel portraits in future. :)


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So beautiful drawing!!!

Thanks! :)

 2 months ago 

Hello friend, beautiful painting, it looks great. Greetings and thanks for sharing. :)

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I think you even did a better job than the reference drawing!
Thanks for sharing.

Wow, thanks that's a huge compliment. :)

I think you even did a better job than the reference drawing!
Thanks for sharing.

Hi! So beautiful your drawing, amazing! Thanks for sharing. 💞

I also draw, I hope you can see my art. 🎨💜🤗

Hi! Your drawing is fantastic. I love It! Thanks for sharing your amazing work. 💞
I draw! I post a new drawing, I hope you can see my artwork. ✨