Portrait Drawing of a Young Girl (Degas) - Process with Timelapse

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Hi everyone, today I would like to share my portrait drawing based on one the pieces from the master artist Edgar Degas. I achieved some likeness to the original but would say I have still made her look older than she actually is. The younger the face the more round it tends be and the eyes are larger relative to the face in children compared to adults. This drawing was still good practice for using charcoal as a medium.

Final Drawing


Reference: Edgar Degas, Fusain et mine de plomb
Edgar Degas, Fusain et mine de plomb.jpg



IMG_20210331_154624391 (1).jpg

Completed on A5 paper with charcoal and soft pencil for the details.


ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif

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Nicely done, I need to read about Edgar Degas, I have not heard about him before, but the portrait looks really good. Especially the highlighted side of face makes a good contrast to side in shadow. Once this achieve the portrait looks very natural. Well done, Ian.

By the way, thank you for delegation :)

Thanks, I don't know much about him either apart from him being part of the impressionists and you're welcome it's the least I could do for the community. :)