Portrait of an Old Man - Charcoal Drawing Process

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Hi all, today I'm sharing my drawing based on the work of the great artist of John Singer Sargent who was considered the "leading portrait painter of his generation". He has produced amazing painting but decided to focus on his charcoal portrait drawings for now. Below is my finished charcoal drawing based on one of his works with the process that went into creating it.





Completed on A5 paper with charcoal and 6B pencil.

I find his style to be very interesting. He has mastered drawing to the point that he makes it seem effortless in his work. With a few lines he is able to capture the expression of the sitter and leaves parts unfinished intentionally to focus on the important areas.


Reference Used

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Dear @iansart before I comment I have to admit I am not much of an artist as my early attempts to sketch were not very successful and so I moved to sculpting and modelling with clay.
However your step by step approach gives me hope that I could follow along.
I am really fascinated by the way you have used the line to create a different type of shading on either side of the face . It gives the face so much of character.
Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Easter to you & your family

Happy Easter to you too! Yes sketching can be quite difficult but it does help in all other areas related to art expression especially if you are drawing from life so I would give it a go at some point. :)

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Hello @iansart so amazing your drawing! Really nice. Congratulations, thanks for sharing! ♥