Portrait of an Old Woman - Drawing Process

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Hi all, sharing with you today a portrait drawing inspired by the work of the artist Jean Baptiste Greuze. I find his drawings full of emotion and expression and wanted to capture the same thing within my drawings.

Here is the final drawing.
head of old woman.png

Jean-Baptiste Greuze.jpg

The full process...



Completed on A5 paper with a mechanical pencil and 5B pencil.

You can check out another drawing I did inspired from the same artist here I did a few weeks ago.

Thank you for your support! :)


Great Job!!

Some constructive criticism: The nose needs more definition. It seems a little lost. Other then that, looks like a good sketching exercise. Keep it up!


I agree when looking again, thanks for the advice! :)

Your welcome, its always healthy to get another artists perspective on a piece of artwork.

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