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in WORLD OF XPILAR2 months ago (edited)

Hi everyone, I haven't posted in while but thought I had to share some of the photos I captured today out in the snow. Not much has being going on here in the UK with it being the third lockdown but it was a nice change to go out and enjoy the snow.









Some interesting concentric circles formed in the center of the lake. Quite an odd phenomena!



This last photo is of my dog who was a little confused this morning when going out in the snow...

Hope you enjoyed viewing these photos, nature can look amazing when covered in a layer of white. Has it been snowing where you're living?


 2 months ago 

Hi Ian, nice to see you again. Looking at the pictures, you really had some snowy days. Your little dog almost completely in snow, you can just see the body. Up hear the water in little pond in local park was completely frozen so kids were skating.

I hope you and your family stayed healthy :)

Yes, I've been busy with uni work so didn't get the chance to work on my art as much. But hopefully can find more time now. The lakes here were frozen but not thick enough to ice skate on. I can imagine it to be quite fun though, we've just been sleighing.

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