Sustained Watercolor Painting & Portrait Sketches

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Hi everyone, today I would like to share some paintings and drawings I have done in the process of becoming a better artist when I have followed the book 'The Natural Way to Draw'.

Below is a watercolor study of my hand. The only colors I could used were burnt umber, yellow ochre and black. The idea in a limited colour pallete is to focus on the form and lighting of the object and not the colours. As they are of more importance and colour can be focused on another time.

The process involved creating the rough shape with the yellow ochre and then forming the clearer shape of the hand with the darker colours. If I wanted more control over the paint movement I would apply the paint with less water. I think the greatest benefit in this exercise is the observational skills you build up.

It is not about creating a watercolor painting but drawing as you would with a pen or pencil but this time with a brush. I have covered modelled water color paintings before this time this is a longer and larger study done with care and detail.

Below are smaller studies of my hand practicing the same technique.

In addition to this exercise I practiced some portrait drawing skills with some quick studies from life. The one in the top right is called right angled study where you view from the front and percieve what it would look like from the side and draw.


If you want to improve your painting skills I would encourage you to try this exercise where you start with the foundations of drawing first and replace your pencil with a brush but follow the same process with a limited color pallete.

Thanks for stopping by on this post and I plan on sharing longer studies in future! :)


Fabulous painting of the hands. You got a nice technique.

Thanks Maxwell :)