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Hi everyone! I have been busy with university work these last few weeks but have managed to find time to fit this concept painting, which I will now share the process that went into creating it with you.

Under Water Ship Wreck

Step 1

I first begin with the blue background with a gradient from light to dark to show the depths of the ocean where light doesn't reach.

Step 2

I draw the basic shape of the ship with a large brush and add the basic tones not concerned with detail here.

Step 3

With a smaller brown brush I start adding smaller details to add greater complexity to the ship's form.

Step 4

I then draw the scuba diver to add to the overall composition and give a sense of scale to the size of the ship.

Step 5

Once all the layers are flattened, I add a slight lighting effect from above to create a greater contrast.

Step 6

I applied a subtle sharpen effect to see how it would look and ended up preferring this effect compared to how it looked previously. Once this was completed I decided there wasn't much more to add to the piece.

Finished piece

This is the reference photo I used to help create the painting.
Created using a Wacom Intuous Graphics Tablet.

Below is a short time-lapse of the whole process. The music is from the free music in the YouTube audio library.

Thanks for checking out this post and all of your support! :)


 7 months ago 

Nice work, getting the perfect view of the objects under the water! Also a great music selection in tune with the process!!

Thanks for share on the World of Xpilar!!

Thanks @leveuf, glad you liked the music that went with it. I was aiming for a dark ambient style. :)

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