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Hi everyone today I would like to share a watercolor self portrait I did using the same steps explained in my previous post

This exercise is designed to practice what I've learned into a portrait study. I didn't have someone who would sit the time needed for this long study so I used a mirror and painted myself.


I do not have photos of the painting process however I have some quick 1 minute sketches from before I did it. This was to warm up and become familiar with the proportions of the face.

As mentioned in my previous post I used a limited pallette of three water colours: burnt umber, yellow ochre and black. This is so there is a focus on light, shading and the form before colours are involved. If I used more colors I would have used a little blue to offset the color yellow for the skin tone.

I also began from light to dark. Using the yellow as a base and brown for the darker parts of the face the light did not reach. I mixed some black with the brown to create the darkest tones. It's important not to use pure black as that is rarely seen in nature.
The process took about 1-2 hours to do and it was done over spare wallpaper.
I found the key for this exercise is patience. It's very easy to rush to produce something quick with the colours you have. But carefully observing the variety of tones, darks and lights makes all the difference in the final result. If you're an aspiring artist I would encourage you to try this exercise in future.

Thanks for stopping by and for all of your support! :)


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 6 months ago 

Hello friend, excellent participation, your technique is very good, I really liked that painting, you can see the intensity in your look. Greetings and thanks for sharing! :)

Thanks, it's my face of concentration when painting :p

That portrait looks very good, I like the layers of colors and the trick of watercolor it is difficult to recognise what colour was first and what is then, because everything is merging one into other. Well done!

Thanks, because watercolors are quite light I had to do a few layers to start to get the darkest tones I was after. :)

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