Wherein's Art Contest Second Stage: Never Old...

in WORLD OF XPILAR10 months ago (edited)

Hello everyone, today I would like to share my entry for the @Wherein's second stage painting contest. I hadn't used water colors in a while so it was fun getting back into it. I will share the process with you and the final result!

----- Finished result -----


Step 1

I started with a rough drawing sketch on the watercolor paper to give me a guideline for when I then start to sketch. I then begin with red as the main mid tone in the face.
Process of painitng old man.png

Step 2

I begin adding blue/black for the darker tones and a little bit of yellow for the lightest tones where the sun catches his face and hat.

Step 3

The watercolors did not allow me to create darker tones so I used watered down ink to create the darkest tones in the painting. This allowed me to create greater contrast and a sense of depth in the painting.


The final step involved adding the background and all the final small details in the face and his clothes. I used white water color to add the highlights in his eyes where the light catches them and also in his beard and hair. These small additions make all the difference.

Old man reference.png
Image Source
I used this image by Anton Jankavoy as reference to create this painting. I found it inspiring how although he is old he has a child-like smile as if he never aged.

Thank you for checking out my post!



This is just fantastically done! I love everything about it 🔥😍🌸
I tried searching the contest but couldn’t find it. Could you maybe drop a link to that?
Good luck for the competition btw :)

Thank you! These are some of the details for the contest https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@art-venture/second-round-of-the-inter-community-project-art-contest-by-wherein-and-world-of-xpilar
It is only me and three other artists competing in this round though. :)

Ah okay. Thank you!

Support of Visual Artworks and Photogrpahy on Steem by @stef1 and @art-venture , rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project ( @steemcurator08 ).

excelente trabajo mi amigo te deseo todo el exito en el concurso saludos

Muchas gracias!

Great job @iansart, it is amazing..!


 10 months ago 

Hi Ian, that is so impressive watercolor, I even could not recognize that it is watercolor thought that it might be Oil painting. like the way you created the contrast with highlighted side and the side in shadow, such amazing work!

Thanks Stef, yes I usually go for more detailed watercolors that almost
resemble oil paintings but might experiment with more abstraction and letting the water do a lot of the work in future.

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