Introduce myself in the World Of Xpilar community

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Hello guys ....
Talking about photography is one of my hobbies ..
Previously, I wanted to introduce myself to all of your steemian friends.
My real name is Saiful Bahri, often called ipol, disteemit or in the Maya world known as @ipolatjeh1988.
I come from the city of lhokseumawe.
Recently I met @sultan-aceh in person where he really likes the world of photography I think I'm in line with him, so I really want to join the #aceh-team community under the auspices of The World Of Xpilar.
Hopefully this momentum will be the best, I would like to thank @sultan-aceh who have supported me, and my warm greetings to @jasonmunapasee.
Thank you all for your support, I hope you will always be successfull.


welcome to join, good luck always

Thanks bro

Welcome to join us.
Have a good day with us here in the #worldofxpilar community in the community #aceh-team.

Thank you very much 🙏🙏

welcome to community world of xpilar brother

Thanks brother.. 🙏

Selamat bergabung kawan, dan semga anda betah di sini,, dan semoga berhasil,, dan tunjukkan hasilkarya anda agar bisa menjadi motivasi buat orang lain,,,

Terimakasih kawan atas dukungan nya.. 🙏🙏

hi @ipolatjeh1988

Welcome to the World Of Xpilar Community
Show your photography work and your writing skills with us.

Greetings, World Of Xpilar Community Moderators

Thank you to @ sultan-aceh for your support and guidance at this time, so that I can develop to produce good works.🙏🙏

 2 months ago 

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