WINNER IV - WEEK VI - Macrophotography Contest World Of Xpilar Community

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Source : @sultan-aceh

Hello guys ...
Starting from a hobby of photos, then I tried to take part in a contest organized by MOD World Of Xpilar Community, namely @ sultan-aceh
I won fourth place in the MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST WEEK VI competition.
I thank you very much for the support.

Ini adalah postingan kemenangan saya dalam kontes MACROPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST WEEK VI, berjudul:

This is my winning post in the MACROPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST WEEK VI contest, titled:


Lebah madu.

I am also very grateful to @xpilar as the leader of the World of Xpilar community, and also to @ sultan-aceh for organizing a macro contest.
For those who have not won a winner, please stay enthusiastic to participate in the next contest


Congratulations on your winning contest @ipolatjeh1988.

Thank you for your support

congrats for the winner

Thanks 🙏

Selamat bang sudah jadi pemenang ke 4 di Minggu keenam ini, tetap semangat bang👍👍👍

Terimakasih.. 🙏

Sama-sama BG

Congratulations to the winners of the Macrophotography contest by World of Xpilar/ @sultan-aceh

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Thanks.... 🙏🙏🙏

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