Floral lungs

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this is my latest work of "medical" drawings/paintings in an old style.


As always, the first stage is a fully detailed outline.


Then, I applied a flat brownish color to the trachea, bronchi, and bronchioles.


The same for the leaves. I gave them a green color base to start with.


Afterward, I have looked for a nice composition of colors, contrasts, lighting, for the flowers.


At this stage, I have worked through all the details to achieve a realistic result.


To make the painting looks like a color drawing I have lightened everything and accentuated all the lines.


The final result on an old paper texture...


Here my drawing on a black background.
It is very useful to place the entire drawing on a white background and then place it on a darker or black background to check if the drawing is cleanly finished.


Done in Photoshop.

Hope you liked it!



Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thanks so much, @frostyamber. I am very honored that you took the time to curate my post. Thanks again.

Hola es muy hermoso.

Hola, gracias! Gracias por compartir mi post y por seguirme también, espero tener más contenidos que puedan interesarte.

It is so beautiful. So are these all steps using photoshop or, the line drawing you made by hand? the conversation of the fourth image to the fifth image is amazing

Hi, thanks! I made the full drawing using Photoshop.

Wow great! Very beautiful

Nice work buddy.

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Thank you very much!! Regards