Serendipia - my comic by juanjo09 = Vanjo

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Hello friends, I am new here in the community, I really like the creative content that you upload here. so I decided to share my creative side with you. a while ago I was illustrating a comic, currently inactive; called Serendipity, I would like to continue it after finishing some projects but I don't know if it's worth it. I want to share it with you and give your opinion on the art and the context.

Serendipity is contextualized in a story of two magical beings with opposite personalities, one seeks power, destruction and the other harmony and peace. being pretended they immerse themselves in an adventure exploring the magical world in which they inhabit.

It is a comic of the adventure genre, here the first seven pages.








I hope one day to receive financing or to be able to finance this project myself.

Tag some friends that you might like @aboart @marcl @torrealba2719


great job my friend, you are the best

Thank friend!