On the sea

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The catch

Has been three days on the sea. fishing for codds. Wee got some nice fishes not so much, last year was better. These fishes came from the deep ocean into the fjords for to spawn, afterwards the codds swimming back to where it came from.

Working with the fishing nets

On the way back to the mooring place. Fish in the boat, nice weather, a good day in the north.



Part of the catch, some of the biggest ones. This ones will bee salted and dried. Then I have the best fish for bacalao cooking.




The fish looks really big, maybe weighing tens of kilograms and it's a lot of fun to be able to get a fish that big. Don't forget to be safe while doing activities like that and safety is number one @karja.

Thank's @kurza for nice comment, yes now I have food for a while

Be careful in the sea, friends, and the results are very many, have a good day, friend,,@karja

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Yes, my friends

It's a lot of fun fishing in a place with a fantastic view, I think it's not about a lot of fish to get, but great satisfaction.
Great day @karja!

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get amazing results, cool

Thank's so much @partner-macro

Oh! The results are really excellent..... The fishes are very big and I can imagine how delicious they are. I agree with you, they are the best fish indeed.

The reflection of the mountains on the water in the last photo is beautiful. The water looks clean and clear. Realy great!

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

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My pleasure! ;)

Wow! Impressive! Never seen big cods like these before!! You are very good fisherman!
I wish I could follow you and observe your trip!

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Congratulation on your catch. Enjoy your bacalao

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Ah, how I love cod! I always bought at the supermarket. but never ate fresh, freshly caught from the sea.
Probably fresh cod meat is incredibly tasty and tender! I cooked it in milk with an egg.
We caught carp in the lake yesterday, but we didn't catch ...

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wow, a great angler, got big fish, and very beautiful view ,, @karja Thank you for sharing ..

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Advancharesh movement pictures

When winter arrived and it was dark everywhere, the cod would come down to the very cold seabed. These fish will reduce their food little by little, their heart rate will begin to weaken, and finally have a long sleep for several months, have a nice day @karja

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the fish catch is very good, and the results are amazing, got a lot of fish, to be honest I also really like it when the fish is salted, have a nice day @karja

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You'are welcome