The boat house

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Old and beautiful

Built for long time ago, still in pretty good condition. Constructed with wooden nails. Take a look at the walls, the boards are carved not sawed the more usually way. Quite chaotic inside, full of old fishing tools and different equipment for fishing.


Carved wood on the outside wall


Fishing nets

Wooden hook on the outside wall

Shafted hook to pick up bigger fish from the sea

Rollers, which makes it easier to pull in the fishing line







A nice piece of history from the north



moody pictures! very good!

Thank you so much @andyjaypowell for commenting

That are an awesome shots and it is a spectular time travel.
Very cool with the wooden nails.
Resteemed :-)

Thank's very much @lictblick

You are very welcome :-)

Amazing wooden boat house in black and white photos! It's great to see a lot of "old fishing tools and different equipment for fishing". Very interesting!

I agree with you, "this is a nice piece of history" indeed.

Good finding and great capture! ;)

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Lovely shots, the black and white processing makes it look very dramatic.

Thank's so much @davekavanagh for nice comment.I chose B&W because there were no colors, just shades of gray and black.

Wonderful piece of the past showing the art of building wooden shed. That wooden nail is very big and sturdy!

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very nice houseboat, although it is old but looks very beautiful, usually durable wooden house, have a nice day @karja

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You'are welcome

This time I can see a black and white photo of you @karja and it's a great motivation.

Thank's so much @kurza for pleasant comment . Yes B&W can be nice sometime

the photo is perfect, @karja

Thank's so much @humaidi

You are wel,,😄

Very beautiful boat house, I am very happy to see your post, I wish you success always @karja

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you are welcome sir

Nature friendly ☺️

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Interesting! I like abandoned buildings)

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Sometimes black and white give a special touch to objects, especially having wood or grass let us to see the texture very well :)

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Yes you are right B&W can be nice specially this time no colors in the boathouse.
Thank's @art-venture so much for comment and the nomination.

These pictures have character,
fine! 👍

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