The man from the sea

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Standing on a mound and looking out over the big ocean

Farthest to the west, Bø In Vesterålen with the coastline to the North Atlantic, the sea man stands. A monumental piece of art , 4.30 m high , made of cast iron and crystal. in my opinion interesting and beautiful and deserve a place like this in the landscape.

Art as a part of the project Artscape Nordland.

Artist Kjell Erik Kili Olsen

Bø 1994





Pictures from Bø in Vesterålen, the north the west part of the archipelago Lofoten



Amazing "monumental piece of art" among beautiful green trees and in front of the wonderful ocean! Great capture! ;)

Thank you so much @tangmo for pleasant comment

You are much welcome! ;)

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Nice post ...

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This is very beautiful indeed.
Very extraordinary work.
You showed us very nice pictures.
Thank you for sharing.

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You're welcome my friend.

I think people are just statues enjoying the beauty of the sea,this is an extraordinary piece of work.Have a happy day my friend

Thank you so much @fikar for pleasant comment. You thing peoples are statues, that is the intention of art, look and make you brain work

Hi, Jan! Your posts are always very interesting and informative.

Thank you for the wonderful photos and interesting information about this sculpture. Great camera angles, I really liked it:-)

Hello @singa, Thank's so much for pleasant comment

hello dear friend @karja good day
Happy start of the week
What beautiful photographs, I love the place where you live
Thank you very much for showing us these beautiful images

enjoy a beautiful day

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Beautiful pictures so nice ,hello I am begginger please vote for my post help me

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Oh, I am a great crystal lover and this one looks very powerful.

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What is in the hand of the monument and what does it mean? the monument is awesome to watch be due to the surrounding environment and photography was excellent as well

Thank's so much @engrsayful for pleasant comment. In the hand a piece of crystal. I don't not know what it means, but you can interpret it the way you want.

demasiado lindas esas fotos amigo y gracias por hacerme conocer tan lindo lugar, saludos desde venezuela

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That second to the last picture is amazing.....thank for share...



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Wow! I thought you caught an alien in daylight! LoL

Thank's so much @kaminchan for nice comment. Yes, a bit strange and scary