The story about a big fish

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Sumer time on the sea

Two years ago I was to on the sea to catch some pollocks for dinner. Suddenly there was something really heavy on the line. When tis happens you have only one thing to do, don't hold back the line let the fish run out, if not you will loose the fish. After one and a half hour with a little bit in and out with the line the fish appears in the surface, an huge halibut. I always have a hook on a stick in the boat for to pick bigger fishes from the sea. I tried to use this two times, impossible, the fish was to big and heavy, the fish splashed a lot and pulled the line and swam down into the depths again.
What to do now, drag the fish to the shore. Started the engine and slowly dragged the fish towards the shore, again impossible, when the fish came in on shallow water it runs out on the sea again more line out and followed the fish out again. What to do now, the fish is to big for the boat , can not drag it alive on the shore. One last opportunity, kill the fish first. After a while I got the fish to the surface again, took a big knife put the arm down in the water and I managed to stick the fish in an important place to make it bleed. A last run out with the bleeding fish, then I knew the fish was mine. The weight? Had to cut the fish into pieces to weigh it, did not have large enough weight. The weight was just over fifty kilos.


Finally the fish safe on the shore



Notice the little fishing hook, barely hooked in the fish

A bear after the long work

A fishing history fro the north



The fish is very big, it's amazing ,, I haven't seen the fish yet ,, fishing mania is great, @karja

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wow this is amazing👍 and the view around the sea is also beautiful.

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Your welcome.

Wow Amazing and I myself am very fond of catching big fish 😊

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Wow this was big. Beautiful photos

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it was a satisfying result

Yes you are right a good day on the sea. Thank's so much for commenting

Wow, that's a catch, she weighs almost as much as I do:)

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Wow what wonderful photographs, the sky was majestic for the camera. That fish is giant, I had not seen one like it, with an open mouth it's scary hahaha. Greetings friends, I hope you are very well. @karja

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Hi friend. Fantastic photos! Congratulations! 😉🌌

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wow! what a big catch! I love the views surrounding! Great place!

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That is a real huge fish. I can imagine in the past it was a great for many families to share it between, 50 kg, unbelievable!

Beautiful summer time, it is difficult to imagine how warm and nice in North :)

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Thank's so much @stef1 for pleasant comment and nomination. Yes that day there was halibut on the table many places in the neighborhood

Very exciting story! You were very brave and can finally manage to stick the big fish to make it bleed by the big knife.

Your first photo of the clouds and the reflection is also my favorite. Really wonderful! Great capture! ;)

Thank's very much @tangmo for comment. Yes I do what I can to bring my catches safe in the boat.

My pleasure! Ah! That's a good decision! ;)

Quite a scary time for me! Anything could have happened! It’s quite a day!

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