Invaded By A Ghost

in WORLD OF XPILAR4 months ago

Knock knock! "Who's there?", I implore.
I hear the creak of floorboards,
I open the door slightly, startled
I feel the chill of the air on my cheeks.

"Is anyone there?", I ask aloud
I get the feeling of pit in my stomach
I step out an arm and look for the nonnative,
Maybe there's something lurking in the house?

"Was that the wind?", I inquired myself
I shut the door and dim the patio lamp
I see a flick of shadows as I lie down
A veil is lifted, forging an esoteric vacuum.

Knocking again! I might go insane,
Maybe it's just my intuitions or my thoughts,
Maybe this knocking is just inside my head?
The agony thrives, as the tones complex.

Fear in my eyes, I stare at the skylight,
Striving it wasn't real, just a nightmare!
Fiddling my senses, my soul cries inside,
My world between living and death evolves into darkness.







the dream is scary

Lol, thanks for your comment.

 4 months ago (edited)

To what Knitrias Maryana said, I'll not add further ado. Just came to thank you also for share on the World of Xpilar!

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Thanks for your support.

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Our minds sometimes have those kinds of tricks!! Our predispositions and fears are always eager to alarm, and consciousness to shake!! You did a great picture of these moments of strange presences on the wind!!

Best wishes for life and projects, @KaySmile44!!

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