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Normal, the dictionary's definition;
Conforming to a standard or expectation.
Normal, the society's definition;
Fitting yourself in a box via suppression.
Who decides these boxes, who forms these standards?
Narrow minded bigots pushing everyone backwards.


Confining individuals to act in a certain way;
Actions prescribed for each gender, none is allowed to sway.
These predetermined rules are called Gender Roles;
The life of all people they tend to control;
They curtail our actions, likes and desires;
Suppressing creativity and individuality that would lateron inspire,
All future generations to come,
Leaving their cognition barren and numb.

These norms act like prisons for all;
Suffocating us, until we're left with no other choice but to fall.
The phrase "that's not normal ",
Is passed around in every conversation informal;
It fuels people's insecurities and self hate;
Turning their will to live into an intellectual debate.

From mental illnesses to physical disabilities,
Anything dissimilar is considered a frailty;
From gender dysphoria to sexual orientation,
Anything different is termed as a mistake in God's creation.
What we tend to forget is that these are all still people;
Their differences are what place them higher on the steeple.

Their originality is what makes them exceptional;
It eventually leads them to greatness, that's unconditional.
Their wounds and scars show their strength;
The wars they've fought regardless of their dissent.
Such people challenge our perception of the world;
They're the ones through which great revolutions are hurled.

I know at the start these differences seem to be a burden;
But believe me, later on they'll be the reason behind your success, of that I'm certain.
Individuality is a beauty in and of itself;
And no one has the right to steal it from anyone else.

We're all different, we're all flawed; but in the end, that's what makes us human right?
Celebrate it!



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Hello @kaysmile4

I totally agree with you, today's society manages us at its whim, which perhaps for me is normal for someone else, and many simply stop being and expressing themselves for fear of being singled out! It is sad but it is the reality of many people. Greetings!

Thanks, @franyeligonzalez! For your support.

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"each head is a world" a saying very used by my grandparents very true that we are all different and we must respect each other, but without letting ourselves be munipulated so that in the end we can change our own opinion! greetings friend

Thanks for your comment mate!

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