Open Source: Steemworld/knitrias-project week 06

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I will like to use this medium to thank my fellow steemians for there support, I Want to share my experience and knowledge on steemworld. Steemworld was introduced to me by @cryptokannon, since then I take my time to study the site. I will show you what have gained so far.

This is the voting power, the percentage goes up and down it depend on how you upvote. Is just like your phone battery that you charge and use.

Here you can see the status of your account. Like Effective power mine is 308.35SP(57.78+250.58), you can check your reputation, and also number of vote count, post, followers.

Here you can see you account value, account balance, vesting sharing, received vesting sharing.

You can check for the amount of delegation you have and delegator here.thanks to @cryptokannon, @Leveuf and @Knitrias.

This is the main part must of us don't know about especially we that are new to steemit. You can convert(sell) your SBD for Steem by clicking on the order tab, click lowest ask then available SBD after the click buy steem. It will ask you to input your private key that all.

This aspect you can see those that mention you or comment on your post.

Here you can see your active post, post that you haven't been paid for.

You can check those who upvote your post and rewards received here.

Here you can check your pending author rewards value and payout days.

Here you can see the list of your curation reward and the payout date.

A big thanks to @Steemchiller, for creating this great platform. A hug for you.

Am am also using this medium to thank @Leveuf, @Knitrias, @cryptokannon, @steemingcurators, @xpilar, thanks you so much for your hard word.



hey steemworld is developed by @steemchiller

you got my random upvote tho - as you requested in the discord

I know that it was developed by @steemchiller

@steem-supporter! I was only asking you question about trail on discord.

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Nice! Good post my friends! I use SteemWorld to check my voting power constantly. Literally before opening Steemit, I go here to see how I'm doing. What I have not yet done is sell or buy Steem / SDB. Maybe one of these days I'll get on with it.

Greetings my friend.😎

Selling your SDB is faster on steemworld.

I do it! You were right, I did it fast and super easy.

Good explanation bro. Steemworld is a very useful tool. I've used it a couple of time for SP delegation and undelegation. It is easy to use, and very effective.

Thank for you comment bro. @tolustx! Your are from which state.

Great entrance to the Open Source challenges @KaySmile44!! Nice work showing the main windows and information retrieving from SteemWorld!!

Thanks for participate in this week's Open Source challenge by the Knitrias Project Community.

Best wishes for life and projects, @KaySmile44!!

how to set up votes for friends posts that we like, 10%, 25%, 50% and 75% how...??

@muftii! I don't know about that or do you have idea.

I don't know either, so I ask

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