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Painting can't be taught to whom that doesn't understand the gift of nature, as mathematics can be taught by the master, it can't be copied, as letters can be which the copy is equals the original, it is more excellent by reason of this quality than by reason of those which are everywhere proclaimed.


painting doesn't reveal itself or its artistic work in words. The images below is to show the step of the above painting.

Infinite painting app aspect.



Pixellab app aspect shown below




Infinite painting and pixellab app was the app use for the above painting. Don't forget to leave comment thanks. #knitrias-project

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Nice to see your ideas and skills evolving, nice design and color @KaySmile44!! I also like your reflections on the process and meaning of painting!!

Thanks for share your work on the Knitrias Project and the World of Xpilar!!

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excellent, which application do you use? or some program?

Infinite painter app

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