CHARLOK MINOTAUR Common Fire Monster pencil Drawing

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Hi everyone,

Here is my drawing of the common fire🔥 monster CHARLOK MINOTAUR.
The Minotaurs of Charlok are friends of the Exploding Dwarves of the Burning Lands. Although Minotaurs and Dwarves come from very different genetic backgrounds, both Charlok races emerged from the wreckage following the underground fall of Prujic, the Dwarven city of greed. These Minotaurs of flame hail from the same molten origins of the deep as the Exploding Dwarves, which Ferexia scholars have recently named Charlok.
Created outline

It was so named because only creatures of pure fire could have survived in the superheated furnace of the Planet.


The Charlok Minotaurs can also be summoned to tournament battle, where they are happy to demonstrate their thirst for fiery destruction.


Completed the work


CHARLOK MINOTAUR is a Characters from Splinterlands
This picture was taken from Steemmosters and drawn in 3 hours with a pencil
hope you like it and thanks for watching this.


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