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RE: Photo of the week #17 | Submissions post

in WORLD OF XPILAR5 months ago

Hello @mister-omortson! Congratulations to the winners! Here my participation:

Beautiful and charming car!

I invite @cachetes-27, @luiyi-22, @aularluis, @zhanavic69, @sammy1109 and @crissanch.

Greetings and good luck to all @leyxi209!


gracias por la invitación @leyxi, bonito carro :3

Jejeje de nada!

hey @leyxi209 we just have to comment a photo and not make a separate post for it?

Hello friend @janemorane! No, just leave the photo with a little description!

Greetings @leyxi209!

thanks alot for clarification dear @leyxi209


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