You could see through everything!

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Greetings, art lovers!

Here is a black and white digital art I created today, based on one of my long-exposure photographs I took at the famous See-through Church in Belgium at sunset in one warm summer day of our photo-travel throughout this lovely and beautiful country in the heart of Europe.

What does that picture speak to you? :)


This is my entry to The World of XPILAR - B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #082 by @axeman, supported by the @xpilar community and @steembasicincome, thank you very much all!

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Have a great day, stay safe, stay strong and let your muse be always on your shoulder!

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Hi Dаmian!
A very interesting swirling effect. Never tried that. Does it depend on the lens?
Success in the competition!

Привет, Дамиан!
Очень интересный закрученный эффект. Никогда такого не пробовал. Это зависит от объектива?
Успеха в конкурсе!

 last month 

Здравствуй и спасибо :)
I would say I use all kind of photos I took either with my wide or long lens. Sometimes I do "planets" with stitched panoramas from multiple photos, sometimes it is a single image, like this one in particular.
I do those lonely planets with LR & PS.

Few more here at my site:

 last month 

I wanted to ask about the very technique of shooting.
I understand that you are stitching several photos into a round panorama, but I do not understand the shooting technology itself. Do you fix the camera in one location and rotate it 360 degrees? Where is the camera looking in this case?

 last month 

Ah, yes. Usually I rotate the camera. 360 degrees or whatever angle I want to include in the "planet". Sometimes it is 2-3 photos, but once I had to take 36 photos to create a full 3D spherical panorama :)
I noticed that for good planets, I need to leave more space than the usual rule of thirds. Does this answer your question?

 last month 

Thank you, I understood about the shooting, but there was still a question of processing or stitching. LR & PS.
In LR, you prepare the photographs before you combine them into the planet. Right?
In PS you sew them together. What tool or PS option does the job?

 last month 

Yes, I stitch the panorama in LR.
Then I use the Polar Coordinates filter in PS but there are many steps too for the preparation. It has to be a square to work properly.

 last month 

Yes, thanks, I get it. I found more information on this subject. It remains to find the Polar Coordinates filter in PS in my PS version))
I hope it is there.

 last month 

Filter --> Distort --> Polar Coordinates
This is my version, I think the latest one, 22.5.1 at the moment.