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Wow this made me teary-eyed I can't believe there are good people over there in your place who are willing to help and of course donors from who wholeheartedly shared some of their blessings.

This is such a noble deed and a wonderful achievement for your group, I hope you will continue this project as there are a lot of people who really need help especially for houses as their permanent shelter.

I wonder how much money (total) you were able to spend in building such a beautiful and concrete house, does the whole expenses comes from the donations?

If so I am looking forward to the next house to build and for the lucky family who will be the beneficiary.

Thank you for making a difference in this time of hardships, God will bless you a hundredfold.

More power!!!


thank you for your kind welcome @long888
yes ... this is all thanks to the donors who are on the list and all steem users.

cost issue, tonight will be in a special post.

hilsen @sultan-aceh

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