Artistic creation, doodle of human resilience!!

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Hello community world of xpilar, I am Daniel, an illustrator and graphic designer by profession, I dedicate myself to digital art and I also teach children from vulnerable communities in my country, today I want to share them, this digital art, for me it expresses hope, constancy, hope and encouragement that we need in the midst of everything that is happening in the world.

Sadness is one of the things that this life has, of those that come to teach us, some stay in that moment of pain and get lost in an abyss, others get up and achieve the impossible and what we do not think that we could achieve in other circumstances, some call it resilience.

So I have made this art focused on the resilience of the human being, digital art of scribbles made in the Ibispaint X program.

From the bottom up the process of artistic creation:











Thank you for all the support, I will soon be sharing much more about my art, and participating in the competitions, thanks to the entire Steepm community for support !!

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Hi Daniel, very interesting to meet you. I like this portrait, maybe due to contrast it looks so good.

Usually when any Art is created, we kindly ask people to provide the link to the reference source, so that we can see the photo of that actor too. Also, if you would liek to continue to post your digital Art, it is good to sign them too. It is very widely spread that someone can steal the photo of your art and post as their own, with your original signature it is difficult for such people to remove it.

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Hello Thank you very much for the tips, I will take them into account for my next artistic work.

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Thank you very much!!!