My Dream Is To Open My Own Business

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One of this jar could have been my own dream business but it was only a dream that I have to give up.
Although everybody said my chilli sauce is the best ever, but LAWS and regulations made it impossible to start. To me, it is scary and doesn't make any sense to put money in something unknown especially in pandemic situation.


Chilli Sauce In Olive Oil, perfect for wonton soup, stir fry, dipping to your dim sum, drizzle into your salad, add to any kind of food for some fun of taste, etc.

In California specifically, making chilli sauce isn't included in category of Cottage Business so I can't make it from my own kitchen even though I have my own station to work and set up, that means I have to rent a commercial kitchen or let other company to copack for me.


Since our 21st Century of Gold (bitcoin) is heading to the moon, the best thing I have to do is just buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Thank you for visiting my blog,


This is also an idea to open my own brand, because the future belongs to the owners of the projects, so the project is regardless of that it will bring you a nice income in the future, but you will help a lot
Moreover, you will provide many job opportunities
I wish you all success, and do not forget to provide a percentage of the profits in the future to help the needy

Hi @lfgiaa,
You're right, opening own business needs a mature plan and ready in many ways.

My plan is to share some of my profits for kids with autism in the future, hope I'll be able to do it.

You can make things and sell it using the Facebook marketplace @lugina :D

Online selling is a thing now. :)

Hi @cryptopie,

I was thinking to do that, my friends n their friends are already ordered but I'm not gonna mess up with laws.
The health department won't let people make certain food products from their home or otherwise ..
Hope someday ...

That really suck @lugina because here in my country we are free to do that. All you need is just an internet connection and depending on how industrious you are you can be a mini Amazon for selling stuffs like food and all.

Being filled with heavy laws makes it impossible to start a business these days. I'm sorry to hear this bad news. When you get rich from crypto, maybe you can find a place that has less laws for your Chili Sauce. I wish I could buy a jar of your superb sauce. It would be very popular in South Korea.

Hi @gungho,
I wish i can send it there too. I made some today just to get a rid of jars i bought and all sold out. Thank goodness.
We're thinking to find a place in Indonesia in the future and open one there.

 3 months ago 

It is a shame that you are not able to sell your home made the chili sauce. The label looks great and professional :)

Hi @stef1,

It's alright, may be in the future i can open my own chilli sauce somewhere in Indonesia.

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