Self-Aututour At Merced National Wildlife Refuge, San Luis. California.

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Merced National Wildlife Refuge is in San Luis, California, offering a unique visit with the most famous self-autotour to absorb variety of birds and lucky us we were be able to see millions of Great Egrets.

The tour took almost an hour, many were just taking their time as much as we did watching and listening many different kind of bird"s sounds.


If you go there make sure the migration season is during winter between October to March, the tour rout is one loop for about 5 miles. Along the way you will find many hidden spots to take pictures. But my son, Adam was having fun time at the roof of car and he wouldn't be quite so the birds most likely scared away.

ge4 (2).png

m1 (4).jpg

ge2 (1).jpg

ge2 (2).jpg

Below are some pictures and videos I made into a short movie. He loves sitting on top of the roof of the car and riding it that way. There were tons of birds, wish they all take off together at once, it would have been a spectacular view.

m1 (3).jpg

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Hi @lugina, there are so many birds, the horizon is just white. For your son that must be great place and freedom in the nature. I can imagine that he really enjoyed it. Seeing the video he looks very happy.

By the way, wanted to mention when you use #steemexclusive tag that means that the post is only on Steem, but you have posted the same on Hive. Those posts should not contain this tag. I just attach this link that the post that was posted 5 days ago about that.

Nice to see you back :)

Hi @stef1,

Thanks a lot for the link, i got an old brain
BTW, it was spectacular view and all the birds were singing.
My son loved his ride, lots of laughs. truly he was engaging with the nature.
Have a wonderful weekend.


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