Beautiful views of the walk through the Udugama Suduwelipotha stream reserve area in Sri Lanka // 10% to SL Charity

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Hello steemians,

How are you guys? I hope you are very happy with your family this weekend. As mentioned earlier I don’t forget to mingle with nature if I get the slightest chance. Due to the holiday I got on the last Poya day, some of my friends and I decided to walk through a protected area that we had never visited before. Today's content is going to give you information and photos about it.


Udugama is a picturesque village located in the Galle District of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Surrounded by mountain peaks on one side and green tea plantations on the other, this village is about forty kilometers inland from the city of Galle, where my wife used to live. Therefore, I have some experience and special concern about Udugama village.


The Suduwelipotha stream Forest Reserve, located in the vicinity of the Udugama Hospital, is rich in biodiversity. You can enter the reserve along the footpath that falls right next to the main road. We were determined to travel safely because leeches live in abundance.


Before entering the forest, we explored the surrounding environment to find out about the security situation in the surrounding area. Because wildlife lives in any forest, they are vulnerable to attack. It is not surprising that we, who enter their homeland without permission, are attacked like that. We always try to do this because our safety is more important than anything else.



As in other forests, the first to be seen in this reserve were small plants and plants that had invaded the entire territory. Passing through the original zone we did not see any trees with large thick canopy. During this time we were exposed to the sun as the leaves of some large trees had fallen off. So we had the opportunity to observe the whole area.


Gradually we were approaching the dense forest. The shade of the trees gave our minds as well as our bodies proper coolness, but the sunlight was dim due to the slight dimming. Traveling with a group of friends was not so scary. At this point I felt how many beautiful places there are in the world.


The sunlight helped to observe the surrounding mountains from this place as well. We had the opportunity to see clearly some of the peaks in front of us. This time the cameras of all of us were awake. But a sad incident was clearly seen. At the top of the green hill, it was clear that trees had been cut down. You can clearly see that in the photo above.


I do not want to see deforestation due to the vicious activities of cynics who act for their own narrow ends and do not care about others. The contribution of lush forests to wildlife as well as human beings is beyond words. These trees in the forest also produce the oxygen that gives us life. So deforestation is like destroying our lives. Legal action should be taken against those who commit such destructive acts. Otherwise the deforestation of the whole world will not be far off.


Walking through a forest full of trees has special benefits for our body as well as mind. We who lead a busy life can get a lot of peace of mind by doing this kind of physical activity. Such activities are a great help in finding solutions to some of the problems faced in life. This forest did not continue to have a large densely covered zone. It was also a special experience during this trip.


This Suduwelipotha reserve is located close to the village of Udugama and is not very popular among tourists. Therefore, there is almost no environmental destruction that has taken place in this reserve. I like to travel to areas that are not visible to the human eye because it can give other people some value as well as knowledge. This is how we ended another beautiful trip. Thank you all for reading the content. Have a wonderful weekend.


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