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RE: "The World of Animals" Great Video Competition number2. Who wins 100 STEEM - 50 STEEM - 25 STEEM?

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Excellent initiative friend @xpilar.

1.- My favorite Video with Number 1 and username @gaborockstar
2.- My favorite Video with Number 4 and username @yusmi
3.-My favorite Video with Number 5 and username @marcybetancourt -


Hi @mafalda2018

Thank you for your participation
to choose your favorite videos

VIDEO 01 by @gaborockstar
VIDEO 04 by @yusmi
VIDEO 05 by @marcybetancourt

Regards @xpilar @art-venture and @sultan-aceh


Thank's a lot buddy...

Thank you for mentioning me!

Gracias Rebeca por tu apoyo hacia mi mariposa voladora.