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I directed and produced my first music video with the help of two friends. In my little town there is this young music group called A. B. C. So they said they need a music video to promote their music and some friends and i got together and made it possible for them. I hope you enjoy our work and the boys of the musical group. I have to say it was recorded with our phones L.O.L Regards.

Hice mi primer video clip con la ayuda de dos amigos. La cuestión es que existe este grupo musical en mi pueblo y nos comentaron que necesitaban un video clip para promocionar su música, así que nos reunimos y lo hicimos posible para ellos. Debo destacar que lo grabamos con nuestros teléfonos. Espero les guste. Saludos.


Exceleente video. EN serio con celulares. wow.

Hi @manito92, I can only say Wow! That is so nice, I like the music and the song although I do not understand the language but the rhythm is great and the the way you sing and video itself.

I hope @steemcurator01, will see that and support. It is one of the Music Videos that is posted by the user on Steem. You deserve the Support of the Steemit Team!

thanks for the support. i am glad you liked it.

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