One of the model from the next music video/ Una de las modelos del próximo video musical.

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Hello everyone!!!!! Me and my friends from AUVI-StudiosCai we have been busy filmming and editing new videos. So this time i bring to you this beautiful model, that will be showed in our next job. This photo was taken in a bar of my little town. I hope you liket. Be free to tell me wich photo you like the mos. Regards.
You can fallower her in her instagram account:

Hola a [email protected]!!!! Mis amigos y yo desde nuestro proyecto AUVI-StudiosCai, hemos estado ocupados últimamente con nuevos trabajos editando y grabando. Pero esta vez les traigo esta hermosa modelo, que saldrá en nuestro próximo video clip. La foto la tomé desde un bar en mi pequeño pueblo. Espero que les guste y déjenme saber cual de las dos fotos es su favorita.
Pueden seguir a la modelo en su instagram:



portraitphotoshop/ lightroomKodak AZ 361

nice done. Would you please post the photo you took me that day as well? Regards.😃

Of course i will post it. Don´t worry. Maybe you can think in posting your work to. Regards.

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Beautiful photo shooting and great job with music videos :)

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Thanks 🙏

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