2 months ago 

Hi Martin, welcome to "world of xpilar" community and I see that it is your third post! That is nice to see you around.

It would be great if you could produce an introduction post about yourself. This is a blogging platform and people get rewards for blogging, you may attract others with interesting stories of pictures.

We in our community have different people and contests, like photography on @axeman blog, just look into. Seeing that you studied archeology you might have interesting stories of photos from interesting places.

I would advice not to post more than once a day, because you will not get from from it, but the curators are not able to give you more upvote than than once a day.

Important thing is you should go around and look posts of other people and if you like leave comments, then you may attract them to yourself. Hope you will enjoy being a part of our community :)

Thank you very much. Everything is new and your information will help me a lot.

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