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Hello Friend @marochka
Glad to see you as a member of COMMUNITY WORLD OF XPILAR.
If you are ready to be an active member of the community, then I can help you at the start.
There is a Newcomers support program. It's called "14 days diving". All that is required of you is to post your posts in the WORLD OF XPILAR community, actively communicate with community members, comment, vote, and more.

If you are ready to be active here, you will be delegated 50SP for 14 days and given support in your posts.
I am waiting for your decision here

Hello, I would really like to try it!

 last month 

From today you are included in the community support program and you have been delegated 50SP. Check your wallet.
Check again my post with conditions, rules and recommendations

All you have to do is be active in the WORLD OF XPILAR community and on the Stimit platform :)
It is for this opportunity that SP is delegated to you.

Добро пожаловать в команду ))
Маленькая рекомендация по оформлению. Так сложилось, что кураторы более охотно голосуют за посты с не менее 3-мя фото или рисунками и сопроводительным содержательным текстом.
Что изображено, зачем, где, какие-то личные мысли.
Ну, и теги, конечно :)

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Very beautiful photos!!