Call for participants!!! Selfie challenge on steem!!! Winning Pot 100 Steem!!!

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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!

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"Selfie challenge on steem!!! Winning Pot 100 Steem!!!"

Call for participants!

Hello my dear!

Where are you?! We need your selfie!!! Take a selfie and post it in the comments there! Take part in the challenge with Winning Pot 100 steem! The idea of the challenge is extremely simple: You need to take a selfie!!! What could be easier?!!
Now have three participants.
Let me introduse them!


Ingeniera, Amante de la danza, Creativa, Curiosa y Natural!


Darwin y Meivys. Arte/Naturaleza/Escitura/Deportes/LtcyBtc/Traders/We Love God


Amo mi casa maestra psicopedagoga vendedora reparadora acuariana madre de tres. Y que la vida los trate amablemente a todos.that life treats them kindly to all
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The Prizes:

  • The first prize 40 Steem - People's Choice Award. The winner is determined by the maximum number of upvotes
  • The second prize 40 Steem - Grand Prix. The winner is determined by the judging of the competition according to the following criteria: originality, aesthetics, skill and others
  • Prize for the most ridiculous selfie 10 Steem
  • Prize for the funniest selfie 10 Steem

    About judging
    I hope @stef1 and @axeman will help me with the judging


Rules of the competition:

  • The participant can post his selfie in the comments to the initial post or make a separate post
  • The participant must take a selfie with the Steem logo
  • The participant must take a selfie either against the background of the symbol of his city/village/country, or against the background of some well-known/little-known landmark. If this is not possible, participant can use a picture/poster/photo wallpaper of those. Any creativity is welcome!
  • The participant does not need to upvote, resteem the initial post
  • If the participant make a separate post he need to use #promo-steem and #promo-selfie tag
  • The participant can submit up to only one entry


About sponsors

Today we have 10 SBD from @stephenkendal, 20 STEEM from @xpilar and 25 STEEM from @stef1. Total 100 STEEM.
I am asking @steemitblog for support for the contest!

Any sponsor is welcome! New sponsor can propose his own nominations.

Stand by

Sincerely yours



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