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We, modern humans, are called Homo Sapiens Sapiens in scientific terms. The reason for this
naming is because we are of the Homo genus with our cousin's such as Neanderthals. Florensis and many small species of humans. The reason we are called Sapiens is a bit more arrogant. It is because we thought ourself as the only smart species among our cousins.

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But, recent studies have shown that is not the case. Our cousin species such Neanderthals were just as social, smart and caring. They weren't just some stupid cave people. The only difference might have been there language and communication skills might not have been as developed as ours.

The reason there are no neanderthals now is that they are extinct. But, modern DNA analysis shows that there is a lot of Neanderthal DNA in us as well. Which indicates that there was some interbreeding going on. The story of how that happened is probably not a happy one. But, nonetheless, they now live within us. I think that is beautiful.

The same is true for the Florensis as well. We have some Florensis DNA in us as well. They were small humans living in Indonesia, Nepal and other parts of Asia. All in all, we are the mixture of all these beautiful human species and we have two Sapiens in our scientific name. to indicate the complexities of our ancient ancestors.

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