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Hi friends, how are you ...?
I hope we are always eager to participate in daily activities. This time I appeared different in posting, that is, I entered a writing contest at #WORLDOFXPILAR organized by the moderator community @franyeligonzalez, and this was also one of my activities today at #the100daysofsteem and #thediarygame


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Eagles and Generous Men

100 thousand years ago there lived a great kingdom "Solomon", the building was made of pearls and Yaqut. Light from the building penetrated into the sky 7 to make the angels and jinns admire this kingdom.

Solomon as the leader of the kingdom has supernatural powers, he can talk to animals, can command the wind, and even the Jinn can bow to him.

One day when King Solomon had a meeting with royal officials, suddenly an eagle came to Solomon, saying: "O Your Majesty, King, I incubate eggs on a man's tree. The owner of the tree took my son and brought him home." Hear the groaning eagle, Solomon calls the owner of the tree and forbids his actions.

Then Solomon said to the two jinns who witnessed the incident: "I command you two, if next year the owner of the tree takes the children of this eagle, then catches him and cuts his body into two parts, then throws a part of his body into the eastern world and the other to western Duania. "

Day after day, month after month, the year came when eagles began re-incubating their eggs. The man hurriedly took a boat to the island where the hawks nested, when he got there he saw a starving old woman, then he offered her a mouthful of food.

Finally the young man arrived at the tree where the eagle looked after his children. He picked up the baby bird and brought it home. It turned out that the tree owner forgot about Solomon's message that prohibited his actions.

The eagle returned to King Solomon, reporting the behavior of the tree owner. Hearing the cry of the heart of an eagle that has lost its offspring, King Solomon calls back the two djinn, saying: "Why don't you both carry out the tasks I have ordered you both to do?"

The Jinn answered: "O king, the owner of the tree when he was about to climb the tree and take the eagle's chicks, we intend to catch him. But because he had already given alms of bread to an old woman, God sent two angels from heaven, so the two angels bound us and threw us, one to the eastern world and the other to the western world, so our efforts to harm the man failed, thanks to almsgiving of the tree owner. "

Best Regard



Nice words..good luck for the contest!

thank you friend for your support. a warm hug for you

Even Jinns and Kings need to obey the more complex rule of the Universe which balance everything beyond our comprehension. It's a really fantastic narration @Muftii!! I wish you good luck for the contest!!

Best wishes for life and projects!!

hi @knitrias,
Thank you for your support. Good luck.
big hug for you

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Hello @muftii

Thank you very much for participating dear friend, excellent writing!

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