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Can you see that pattern?

I love turtles anyway, but ones like this are really impressive. This is a box turtle that we found on the road the other day. Unfortunately, many of them get hit by cars and die, so we like to move them across the road. Since they hide in their shells when they are scared, they are more likely to get hit. If a car passes by and scares them when they are crossing the road, then they sometimes hid in their shell and stay there on the road, not moving. This gives them more opportunity to get hit. It's sad to think about such a beautiful creature getting run over, so we moved it and took some photos too. What do you think? Enjoy the photos!


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A beautiful art of God. Really very nice.

You have an extraordinary personality sir, even with animals you are very good especially fellow humans must be much better, thank you for your kindness to the turtles sir

It's really amazing.The print above is so beautiful, it looks like it was made by hand. There are so many beautiful turtles in the world I wouldn't have known if you hadn't shown them. Thank you so much for this share.

You really tender your heart when it comes to turtles greatwork @papa-pepper

It looks like someone intentionally painted those images on the shell. Nature is indeed amazing. For a guy of his size, the shell must be very fragile.

She is really very very attractive.

 2 months ago 

Beautiful collection of photography!!!

Thanks for share...