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Being super must be great, right?
But there are some drawbacks. So I've heard.
You can't shave or get a haircut because your hair is harder than a diamond.
Think about it.
Supposedly, Superman shaves by burning off his beard and mustache with a laser sight reflected in a mirror made from a polished piece of metal from the ship he came to Earth in.
That's believable.
But doing the same thing to his hair...
Nah... That would look like those Covid-Quarantine-Self-Cuts.
What about the hair on the back of his head?

In reality, Superman would look like a real redneck - with a mullet.
Plus, he'd smell awful. No cologne could kill that daily hair-burning routine.

No way he could bang them pretty chicks like Lois Lane, he couldn't!
No siree!
He would always be pissed and become a bully in the process.

Sad but very plausible.

I bet Henry Cavill has no problem with shaving or ladies.
And I bet he smells nice too.








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