My last picture and what I retouch on it :)

Hello dear people !
Just an example of retouching.

The original picture :
One "shower light"

sans titre-2.jpg

After that I work with lightroom on light, color, tones...

sans titre-3.jpg

Now with photoshop, dodge and burn, fluidity on the muscles and face a little, and some retouch for skin. And to finish I try the new neural filter to opacify or light the background, I use it only on the half bottom of the picture for a fog effect. Put it in a square.

And voilà !


Do you want more post like this ?
or more details ?

And I was thinking if people are maybe interested in a post each week where I do some retouche on your pictures ? (If I have time and the full original picture, I can't retouch low version)

Thank you for your time :)
Have a nice day !
Upvote if you like ;)


That is great idea, there are so many tricks that you as professional photographer know to make the photo unique and impressive. I think it would be great to see before and after effect :)

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Thank you ! I will try to do little tutorial each time I retouch (i'm not a pro retoucher but maybe some tips can be useful).