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Greeting to everyone,


Today, I want to join eight writing contest organized through @franyeligonzalez which supported by worldofxpilar community.
Yes, there is hope for the people that are living with HIV/AIDS because you do not need to be depressed when there is solution to the identified problem, let me tell you that it is good to know your status on time to enable you know how to take care of yourself. The drugs are free throughout the world, although antiretroviral (ARVs) drugs are allowing millions of HIV positive people to live normal lives, once you adhere to the do and don't of the drugs that means there is no cause for alarm.

During counselling session


However, the following things are very important besause being HIV positive does not mean you cannot conceive again , and also it does not mean you cannot give birth to non-reactive child since the day you were got enrolled into care health personnel/case manager might have informed you during the counselling session that immediately you deliver baby before breastfeeding you must give your baby Nevirapine drug as first aid, thereafter you can apply breastfeeding and breastfeeding is good for the new baby for quick development and sound health.
Note: you should not breastfeed your baby more than 12 Months in order to protect the baby from this virus. And you must bring your baby for DBS test that is dry blood spot after six (6) weeks in order to check whether baby positive or not because of antibody of the mother.
"Without appropriate interventions to address mental health comorbidities, people living with HIV may continue to have poor quality of life despite increased access to ARVs globally".
Hope levels were high in patients who had been ill and then improved upon taking antiretrovirals, as well as in those who learned that treatment offered the prospect of longevity and a normal lifestyle.
Therefore, be positive in your thinking to enable you live long.
Best regards and many thanks to my friends who are supporting this post @raymondpeter

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Hello friend, a reality that many do not know, thank you for sharing it with us. But to be able to participate in the contest your publication must refer to the image of @xpilar, the image of the main publication. Greetings and I hope things continue to go well.

Thanks a lot for your observation my friend @franyeligonzalez, I forgot to include it.


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