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I am really happy to be able to participate in the Power Up Contest. However, I will try to participate in this event every month. I strongly support getting power-up. Many small users do not feel comfortable participating in such large contests. So I am also running a weekly little merry power-up contest for them . This is my season 5 contest link


Click Here to vew

I made 2 users interested in the # spud4steem contest through my promotional activities. They will participate in this contest today.

Increase my power:
I had 1321.26 steem power in my account. I got 2684 steem power today, increased. Now the total amount of steem power in my account is 4005.26 steem. I am very happy to be able to increase my power today.


My goal is to create 10,000 power by 2020. I have to bear all the expenses of my studies from the next 5th. So I can't set 100% post reward in 100% power up. 75% of my post's reward is set to 100% power up. Still getting support from @steemcurator01. Thanks to the steemit team.


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E-mail: [email protected]


Great 👍



Mucha suerte Bro! 👊

Thanks a lot bro

Hey hows it going -awesome power up you have done yet again!

I worked out you had a 172.5% increase in your steem power

Keep steeming mate

I think you are doing something mistake. My starting value was 1321.26 steem. And the final value is 4005.28 steem

oh yeah i did get first calculation wrong - let me try again

203% increase

Sorry without a before and after screenshot of your wallet i made a mistake - sorry about that

I just delegated you 500sp as my part of your 2nd prize, other sponsors will follow.

Congrats :)

It looks great ..thanks you

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