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After a long wait, the day has come. There are only 4 hours left until the start of the October 1 spud4steem contest according to our country time. I was waiting 1 month for this day. I would urge everyone to participate in this contest.


I won first place in the Power Up Contest on September 1st. This time I will try to stay in a good position. I will participate in this contest with 2000+ steem Insa Allah. The amount of prizes this month is much higher than last month’s prizes. Below is a list of prizes.

6VvuHGsoU2QBt9MXeXNdDuyd4Bmd63j7zJymDTWgdcJjo1VnaQG5fL1x1MaxFfZeftVbbWor3Ctm5mBBrgo1DVejZYk1vjuTR2M1G1AEyUoBNsKJi3zRBrregKdvqL (1).png

More amazing prize: https://steemit.com/spud4steem/@stephenkendal...........


#spud4steem #promo-steem #gifs4steem #steem #contest


Good stuff - you might win another prize..... :)


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Bro definitivamente ganarás el de este mes! OMG! 🙌

I am optimistic. Pray for me
Will you also participate???

You are humble, I saw your wallet and it is impressive! My respects!

I will participate, you are my indirect "competition" ahahahah
(I only do the motivation 😂)

My Thumbnail is ready

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