Memory at the beach

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Hello lovely friends!

I am so amaze to see digital arts which create by @xpilar. Not just an art digital, but also make our thought work. We can interpret, make a strory or other creativity.
If you want to try make ones please this post first


The sea breeze during the day blows gently combing the river banks that lead to it. The beauty of nature with the interlaced orange and blue sky colors. The sunshine is still shy behind the clouds.
A girl sat suspended on an andesite rock staring at the wide sea. This girl came there very often. he wanted to remember the first time he received love from his lover. He always remembers his lover who has passed away.
The gaze was empty as if it was hopeful someone would come. he continued to stare farther towards the horizon. He knew that far ahead lay the open sea. There are so many things stored as how he is feeling.
It was as if the sea had buried all of his life stories. It was in this emptiness of mind that suddenly someone felt someone's hand that was resting on his palm.
"Yin, let's get out of here immediately,"
"Don't we just enjoy this sunny weather, Warsa?"
We have to get home soon. "
"Okay." Ayin immediately got up and put on his jacket and helmet.
Meanwhile Warsa got ready on the motorbike with driving equipment. Ayin immediately stepped off and grabbed onto Warsa's waist.
The day was getting so hot. They are teaming up with a motorbike traveling at 60 km / h. They hope to get home before evening. The weather was so hot that they rode motorbikes hoping for a cloud to cover the sun so it could be a little cooler. After driving for fifteen minutes we saw clouds in the eastern sky. The clouds drifted rapidly in the wind and pointed towards the sun. They feel a little cooler
They feel happy because the hope is granted by God.
"Thank God .." Ayin muttered, which Warsa heard.
"But I didn't put the raincoat in the trunk."
The change from dry season to rainy season often causes extreme changes. When they were leaving, it was still very bright, suddenly turned cloudy and very dark, a sign that heavy rain would soon fall.
While crossing the big bridge, it suddenly rained very heavily. Warsa tried to see the shelter, but still did not find any overhang of a building or a place to take shelter. he still continues to spur his motor.
"We must immediately take shelter. Look in front of a large building. We will stop there for a moment," Ayin suggested.
Warsa nodded in agreement. he saw the wind was strong and made the many trees look like they were about to fall. he thought it better stop immediately.
As they were about to approach the building, suddenly there was a large tree that broke and fell right on top of Warsa's motorbike, which was on the way. Warsa fell and was crushed by a large trunk. Meanwhile, Ayin was thrown from the motorbike and avoided the falling tree.
Ayin screamed loudly and cried naturally when she realized her lover was caught in a big tree trunk.
people started arriving to help them. Some of them picked up Warsa's body and brought it to the side of the road. They asked a driver to take Warsa to the hospital. However, when he arrived at the hospital, Warsa's life could not be saved.
Ayin's sadness still remains so that Ayi will always come to the beach to remember her lover.
As he still comes today, he sits propped up against the andesite rock and stares at the empty sea. He just hopes that one day he will meet his lover in heaven.

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Thanks for the great story @rokhani

My pleasure @xpilar. I also write other post for my thought about your digital image but I make mistake to post in other community. It is a shilly, am I? If you want to check it you can read in this post.

It goes well when it is not the same story